Sunday, 25 March 2012

the last bird ( 2 )

Apologies for technical problems....

Thanks  to Patrick Ward for his message regarding the translation of  Peter Sloterdijk's 'Spheres' trilogy. I agree, it is very much of interest.

Thanks also to Andrew Stones for the paragraph below. Andrew posted it as a comment on one of my drawings below but I think it relates just as well to my previous post on Virilio's 'sphere' so I'm re-posting here. 

'To prove discovery of a previously unknown species, an ornithologist kills and preserves a specimen... but what if it's the last breeding male/female of the species (this could well not be known at time of discovery). The beginning of a new thread of ornothological knowledge might then be contingent on the destruction of the objects to which the knowledge pertains; knowledge destroying, piecemeal, the world in which it holds sway'.